On February 10th 2007 (exactly 10 years ago to this sites launch date) I foolishly skied off a mountain, in France, breaking my back, my neck, shattering my ankle and hitting my head so hard I was induced into a coma for 3 weeks. The proceeding weeks, months and years that followed, saw me hitting my lowest points, before eventually stumbling upon, and devising, some of the best techniques to help me recapture my former self, as well as being able to develop myself away from the unbeknownst mindless attitude I took to life, pre that fateful day.

They do say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, which I can proudly attest to, but knowing the pain and heartache that I put my family through, was it all worth it? I didn’t decide to ski off the cliff, it was just an unforeseen circumstance that happened to take place; but if it wasn’t for the unending amount of support and love that I received from my whole family and network of friends, I would not be where I am today.

I have since written down all of the stories, techniques and lessons that I have learned since that fateful day, and compiled them into a book that will hopefully speak to everyone. It’s an easy to read, hopefully funny (in some places) reflection on how my life has changed and developed, and therefore conclusive proof that anyone can do it.

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